What grade of fuel is in your tank?

Is it unfiltered crude or are you running on jet fuel? If you had a high performance sports car wouldn’t you want to use the best, highest grade, cleanest gas you could find to maximize it’s performance?   Wouldn’t you also keep a strict maintenance schedule so that you could get the maximum life and performance out of that valuable sports car?  How much more valuable is your body than some car? You only get one body in this lifetime so why would you want to fuel it with low quality “crude” that contributes to some of the leading causes of death in the United States today? Fuel4Life was designed to reveal the most common misconceptions surrounding diet and nutrition and provide our patients with a roadmap showing an easy to stick to plan that helps to change your bad eating habits to optimize your bodies performance for a lifetime.

Fuel4Life is the second in our 1Body4Life workshop series. Once you have learned how the body is designed to heal and function you can get the most out of the foods and nutrients our bodies were designed to eat. In this workshop you will discover how your body was designed to eat.  How we are supposed to eat not to only lose weight but to optimize our bodies potential  for health and healing.

How is this different than every other weight loss plan?

You may be asking yourself why is this any different from the hundreds of other videos or workshops on weight loss. Just because you’ve been on a diet and maybe even lost some weight doesn’t mean it was good for you . You see, eating healthy has way more implications than just losing weight.

Losing weight is just a side effect of eating the right foods at the right times of the day. I will go over some simple eating strategies to maximize metabolism, human growth hormone production, help manage your insulin levels and balance your body’s biochemistry.

I will discuss some foods that you must absolutely avoid and we will uncover some common myths about “dieting” that if you continue to do these things they will actually sabotage both your health and your weight loss.  Even if you just take away small pieces of this information and begin to apply it, you can start making simple changes in your eating habits now that will ultimately change your genetics, your history, your quality of life so that you can avoid becoming a statistic.

Avoid becoming one of the 5/6 Americans that are dying of heart disease and cancer and join us at our next Fuel4Life event. Just click on the link below to reserve yours and your guests seats.

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