Fitness and Strength Recommendations

We believe fitness/strength training plays an important role in not only your overall health but the overall correction process of your structural alignment.  Our patients who actively participate in a fitness or strength training program tend to get better results because their bodies adapt better to the changes that occur in the soft tissues during the corrective process.  Building lean mass (muscle) increases your resting metabolic rate, which is crucial in achieving and maintaining your ideal body fat measures.

Dr. Bagley was certified as a Master Fitness Specialist at the Cooper Aerobics Center while he worked as an exercise physiologist at the Cooper Clinic.  He regularly gives recommendations to patients on fitness and strength building programs.  It is recommended that if you are just beginning and don’t have experience working out that you seek the guidance of a personal trainer.  We work with a variety of local trainers specializing in fitness programs including but not limited too strength training, speed training, sport specific training, general fitness, pilates, and yoga.  You can see a list of those recommended on our partners page.

By Jarrod Bagley, D.C.