"The results have been dramatic. Dr. Bagley describes the progress precisely and quantitatively in terms of significant shifts in my spine angles and curvatures. I’m experiencing progress in terms of vastly reduced stiffness and pain. IN fact, my back is almost a non0issue in my life today! It’s moved to the bottom of my list of orthopedic issues– seven months ago it was number one on the list, and a huge concern!"

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About Corrective Chiropractic Bee Caves

Electrical impulses travel from your brain to every cell in your entire body via the spinal cord and nerves carrying life, health and strength to every cell, tissue and organ within the body. This means that approximately 70 trillion cells are completely dependent on the information they receive from the brain in order to heal, function and operate.

Physical stress from our everyday activities can build up in the muscles, spinal ligaments, and surrounding tissues causing changes within the spine that can result in harmful interference in the nervous system. When the proper information can’t travel to its destination tissue it can result in abnormal functioning tissues causing PAIN, HEADACHES, ALLERGIES, DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, BOWEL or BLADDER PROBLEMS, and much more! We specialize in removing these interferences so that you can experience life the way God intended – fulfilling your soul’s purpose, living a quality of life you may have thought you would never experience, and achieving your short and long term health and wellness goals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people closer to God through achieving their ultimate health potential. God has designed the most amazing creation ~ THE HUMAN BODY, and He has blessed our bodies with the awesome ability to heal themselves.


Our Purpose

The families in our community are living in a compromised state of health and well being. We exist to be a solution for providing complete and natural healing of the body, mind, and soul.


Our Vision

Our vision is the ultimate vision for our community. We seek to help improve the health of our community one family at time. Our clear goal for every patient and family is to transform the way you think about all areas of your health, empower you to take action to reach your health goals, and restore your God given health potential using advanced, scientific spinal correction techniques for results that last.


Meet Doctor Jarrod Bagley

Dr. Bagley grew up in Carthage, TX – a small East Texas town where he was very active in organized sports including football and baseball but spent a lot of his off season training for these sports and working on his grandparent’s dairy farm. As you can imagine, these activities can cause a lot of stress on the body. Fortunately, Dr. Bagley’s dad was a regular patient of a local chiropractor and did his best to ensure that Dr. Bagley was adjusted regularly as a kid.

Dr. Bagley graduated from The University of Texas in Austin, TX with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. He then worked as an Exercise Physiologist at the prestigious Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas where he also received his certification as a Master Fitness Specialist. He went on to graduate from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and is currently one of only 6 chiropractors in the state of Texas certified to practice Chiropractic Biophysics.

Dr. Bagley is married to his wife Robyn and they have four beautiful children: Braelyn, their oldest daughter; Brant, their oldest son; Briggs, the youngest son; and Blake, the baby of the family. Dr. Bagley and Robyn have dedicated their lives to faith, family and friends.

Through all of these life experiences, Dr. Bagley was being prepared for his ultimate life’s work: helping people reach their full God-given health potential by empowering them to take responsibility of their own health by correcting their diets, sleep and exercise habits, and ultimately the overall function of their bodies through natural chiropractic care.