Karla M.

Prior to coming to Corrective Chiropractic, I had never been seen by a chiropractor. I have been a nurse for 34 years, and this is not a normally recognized treatment method. I had begun to experience severe headaches, pain in my neck and shoulders, and upper and lower back. I wondered if I was developing arthritis in my hands due to tingling and aching. I had been seen by my MD and even a trip to the ER due to concern and frequent discomfort. The afternoon I saw Dr. Bagley, I had turned around in his parking lot and noticed his sign. My pain was so severe, I stopped and went in to see if by some bit of luck, I might be seen to find some relief. He was luckily able to examine and x-ray me, and give me an emergency adjustment. I had some IMMEDIATE relief along with cool and heat therapy. I have been seeing him routinely for almost 2 months. The results have proven extremely positive. The combination of office therapy and exercises designed to reverse my abnormal posture have been a GOD send. All professionals have their own specialties, but I definitely feel Dr. Bagley’s team are especially talented. They are very transparent about the changes and I am met very respectfully each visit. It certainly gives incentive to continue my therapy. Their warm atmosphere along with state of the art equipment make this a treatment I would recommend to any patient. There’s an extremely special art combining multiple aspects of health care.

I came into Corrective Chiropractic with severe stiffness in my neck and some in my shoulder. My lower back has been a constant source of pain and tendernes for many years.

After three adjustments with Dr. Bagley, I planned a trip to the ranch for paintings. Not only did I discover more energy for painting, but walking daily became a treat. I even found myself running, which hadn’t happend in months, maybe even years.

My husband noticed my face looked less strained. He thought he he might be imagining it, but he thought my voice sounded different too.


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