Andy G.

I’m a retired engineer, wanna-be athlete, and an orthopedic mess. I have chronic osteoarthritis, which has resulted in five orthopedic surgeries in the past 10 years, including total knee and hip replacements. I have also had a lifelong history of lower back problems, including a laminectomy to repair a ruptured disk over 30 years ago.

So it came as no surprise when over the past couple years I started to experience increased stiffness and pain in my lower back, and sciatica into my right leg. When it started to affect my ability to cycle, play golf, and ski, I sought treatment. Considering my lifelong skepticism of chiropractors, I first went to a spine doctor and physical therapists. Their treatments helped, but didn’t solve the problem. And I wasn’t ready to consider surgery. So after repeated recommendations from friends, I finally relented, and reluctantly visited Dr. Bagley in May 2012.

Frankly, his approach was not what I expected from a chiropractor. Instead of immediate treatment with ‘adjustments’, he did a comprehensive analysis of my situation. This included pictures, x-rays, measurements, and extensive discussion. The product was a thorough report and proposed plan treatment plan. It was all very analytical, which appealed to the engineer in me. The “package” included a plan for dozens of office visits, each of which consisted of an adjustment and three different forms of traction, as well as subsequent progress assessments. In addition to addressing my lumbar area, it included treatment for my neck, which was also emerging as a problem. This was all offered at a fixed price. He also prescribed some reinforcement exercises I could do on my own at home.

In the subsequent seven months I worked through this plan. It took longer than it normally would have due to my extensive travel schedule, but we worked around that. I should also note that during this time I worked pretty hard on my own and at times with a personal trainer, who was quite adept at reinforcing the plan with well-targeted exercises.

The results have been dramatic. Dr. Bagley describes the progress precisely and quantitatively in terms of significant shifts in my spine angles and curvatures. I’m experiencing progress in terms of vastly reduced stiffness and pain. IN fact, my back is almost a non0issue in my life today! It’s moved to the bottom of my list of orthopedic issues– seven months ago it was number one on the list, and a huge concern!

I know this is not a magic cure. I understand I’ll have to work for the rest of my life to maintain this progress, but Dr. Bagley assures me it will require considerably less effort than it has to get through the initial ‘corrective’ phase I just completed. I’m happy to make that commitment, and intend to keep working with Dr. Bagley on an ongoing basis to make sure the pain doesn’t come back– and so that I continue to rude my bikes, play golf and ski. Meanwhile, I’ve acquired a new appreciated for the name of Dr. Bagley’s practice– “Corrective Chiropractic”!


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