Michael Halprin 2/22/2016

I’m a computer support professional in my early 40’s and as such I’ve spent enough hours hunched over keyboard and mouse to make Quasimodo’s spine look like yardstick.  My back often hurt but I let it go, “I’ll just do a couple extra toe touches tomorrow morning” or “just take the dog for a longer walk” and that was that. 

It wasn’t until it started taking me about two hours every morning to walk like I wasn’t looking for ants that I started thinking I needed help. The day of reckoning came when I could no longer change my son’s diaper. That was the last straw… for my wife. “You gotta do something, this is ridiculous, stop being stupid and call someone!” she gently encouraged. I am a bit stubborn so I must thank her first for helping me overcome myself as the biggest obstacle to my own wellness.

So I thought about the two options I had:
1. Tolerate this, sprinkle Advil on my cereal each morning, and have back surgery in 10 years.
2. Go talk to a chiropractor that I had heard good things about but really knew nothing about.

I will admit that like a lot of folks my preconceived notions of chiropractors were akin to voodoo and witchcraft. But I have a couple clients that have gone the route of “modern medicine” and after multiple surgeries, hardware installations, and months of recovery, feel worse than when they started, and could have bought a nice boat instead. So tea leaves and chicken bones aside I thought I would keep an open mind and go see what it’s all about. Titanium pins and fused vertebrae will be relegated to plan B. 

I called Corrective Chiropractics and got in to have a visit two days later. First impressions were that it was a relaxing space with caring, friendly people. But being a somewhat skeptical, analytical, techy type, I was afraid that this would be one of those generic, one size fits all, “it’s-all-good” type of treatment centers. I can assure you that after several x-rays, range of movement measurements, posture evaluations and very clear, customized treatment schedule options, I knew that there was serious method behind this and that I had picked an option that made sense to me.

Dr. Bagley is someone who cares about helping people, he makes that very clear. And it’s more than just alleviating your physical pain, it’s about your general well being. Dr. Bagley is also very hands on and has a wealth of knowledge ready to share, there are no secrets about what he is doing. That resonated with me as I take a similar approach in my own work. All this along with a lot of very interesting equipment (I have since grown to love all of them) certainly gave me confidence that these folks mean business. 

I can report that being about 75% thru my treatment plan I no longer have any back pain what so ever. I am amazed but now that I understand what the process of chiropractics is about I’m really not so amazed. No more amazed than after I went thru the process of braces that my teeth were straightened, or when I was a kid the podiatrist made orthotics to reshape my arches that remain corrected to this day. So I don’t know why I had reservations about chiropractics, all these things work, and work well with no cutting or titanium pins or even a single Advil.

Now there is responsibility on my part. I make all of my appointments every week, there are exercises to do at home, but I have to say this experience has had one of the most positive impacts on my life. I’m even rewarded when time permits with a few minutes of massage therapy from the on site therapist they have there. Back pain can be all consuming, but it needn’t be, Dr. Bagley, Holly, Sophia have made it a memory and have helped to make a healthier life ahead of me for many more diapers to come.


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