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At Corrective Chiropractic, we use scientifically proven correctional processes that not only reduce and eliminate pain but provide long term relief and functional improvement. We improve your spinal health by targeting the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Using a thorough quantitative and qualitative diagnostic approach, we'll build a personalized plan to help you reclaim your wellness and vitality. No long-term care required.

Get started with a $97 initial exam, normally $220. The exam includes a physical exam, full spinal x-rays, a neurological exam, orthopedic exam, range-of-motion testing, digital structural analysis, bilateral weight distribution analysis, palpation exam, blood pressure testing, and body composition analysis. You'll leave empowered with knowledge, regardless of whether you decide to become a patient. Our goal is to help you to feel better and get back to living life to its fullest.

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Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

  • review rating 5  Outstanding results for me. Best Dr. I've ever had in my life. Should win awards for results. Recommend to anyone dealing with pain, mobility issues.

    thumb Kenman Oyler

    review rating 5  I can't recommend Dr. Badgley and his team more highly. Every person who cares about their health needs to get their nervous system checked and if you're in austin this is the place to go. I never fully realized how important spinal health was and I so appreciate all of the information I've received from them. Holly and Jay couldn't be more helpful and friendly. They all make the process seamless and efficient and make sure you have everything you need to be healthy. Not to mention you can also get treatments from Jaime who is the best massage therapist I've ever been to as well as a great source of healing knowledge. I'm so grateful that I found them and can begin the path to optimal health and wellness. Don't hesitate with making an appointment with them you will be so so happy that you did!

    thumb Alexa Ferguson

    review rating 5  I had been seen by chiropractors before and was skeptical when I first walked through the doors. I was soon very impressed with the office, the staff, and Dr. Bagley himself. I have now been going for a few weeks and I can attest that any cost is well worth the results! You don't just get an "adjustment" but an overall health plan, lessons, exercises, tools, and so much more. I highly recommend.

    thumb Lisa Stevenson
  • review rating 5  Best chiropractor's place in the whole town. They not only treat symptoms but the actual underlying issues over the course of several months. Would recommend to anyone suffering from neck/back problems.

    thumb Tupur Lahiri

    review rating 5  Dr. Bagley has done wonders for my back. I went in complaining of lower back pain. After x-rays showed my crooked spine from scoliosis from my younger days, I wanted to correct this as much as we could through adjustments and traction exercises. I was consistent with my therapy and now, my pain is gone, my crooked spine is straight and I feel better all over. The staff of CC are like family to me. Holly always has a smile for you when you walk in. She works with you in scheduling your appointments and any reschedules. Holly also works with your insurance company and explains every thing the insurance will cover. Whatever the insurance doesn't pay can be put on a payment plan or if you pay all in one payment, a discount is applied. The therapy that is received is so worth the payment for a healthy spine! I highly recommend Corrective Chiropractic because Dr. Bagley is very knowledgeable and will only recommend what is needed for your individual chiropractic needs.

    thumb Karen Meeks

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Corrective Chiropractic and Dr Bagley. They focus on a whole body approach and treating the cause not the symptom. I originally came into the office because of a mountain bike accident but in the course of their treatment I've learned so much about my unique issues/problems, proper posture, workplace ergonomics, stretching/exercise and so much more. The tutorials/videos and informative correspondence is very helpful. It's been a life-changing experience for me! If you're having back or neck pain go see them today. They're super friendly and the office team make the appointments something that I look forward to... Thanks Dr. Bagley, Jay, Norma & Robyn!

    thumb Brady Lenamon

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Our Story and Process

Corrective Chiropractic – Bee Caves Chiropractor


By Dr. Jarrod Bagley, D.C.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re not just another chiropractor who adjusts you and sends you on your way; we take a holistic, aggressive approach to your overall health, alignment and chiropractic care and implement permanent changes that will positively affect your health and wellbeing and ensure you are symmetrically sound.

There are several key areas we focus on to achieve corrected health. First we have to make sure your body is functioning the way it’s supposed to. Every function in your body is controlled via your nervous system so therefore we have to remove any interference that can contribute to a loss or decrease in proper function within the body (i.e. the digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc.). Once we address and improve every function of the body, then we prescribe a corrective care plan including nutrition, corrective home exercise plans and traction training that will allow you to get the maximum benefits out of your chiropractic visits.


Corrective Function – Chiropractic Biophysics

Dr. Bagley is one of only 6 chiropractors in the state of Texas certified to practice the advanced form of Chiropractic called Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). At Corrective Chiropractic, we utilize state of the art equipment and techniques to not only improve your symptoms but to achieve spinal alignment correction so that you get long term, sustainable correction of your spine, structure, and posture.

When this correction is achieved the tensile or compressive forces that occur on the spinal cord and nerves due to bad posture and misalignments of the spine and structure are removed, resulting in the brain being able to communicate with the body without interference. This in turn allows the body to heal, function, and operate like it was designed to.

Chiropractic Biophysics is the only technique to have published clinical trials of SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN structural based spinal alignment correction WITHOUT SURGERY. This advanced form of chiropractic care goes well beyond the relief of pain by focusing on the restoration and rehabilitation of the spine. The ultimate goal is to return the spine to its normal structural alignment, which in turn will also result in reduced muscular tension, improved muscular balance, inhibition of early degenerative joint disease, and a noticeable improvement in optimal nervous system function and overall performance.

Chiropractic Biophysics technique is supported by more research in peer-reviewed scientific (medical) journals than any other chiropractic technique in the world. Noted journals included but not limited to Spine, Journal of Spinal Disorders, and Clinical Biomechanics. For more information on this advanced form of natural healthcare go to


Corrective Nutrition

The next area of focus is your diet. We empower our patients through education on healthy eating habits, but it doesn’t stop there. We will work with you to develop a strategy to remove the harmful foods that you may be eating and replace them with foods your body was designed to eat so that you can manage blood sugar and insulin levels, increase metabolism, and maximize HGH production to get the full nutritional benefits out of the foods you are eating.

We also provide food allergy testing to determine if a food you’re eating, regardless if it is “healthy” or not, is harmful to you. These allergies or sensitivities can cause things like add, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and many more. We also offer nutritional supplementation when necessary, although our first choice is to try and get our nutrients through the right foods.

Read More About Our Nutrition Consultation Services


Corrective Fitness 

We help you map out your fitness goals so that we can find the appropriate exercise plan for what you are trying to achieve. We provide exercise classes and instruction utilizing the most innovative strategies to get you where you want to go FAST!

Gone is the day of spending hours at the gym to get that dream body. Whether you are looking to get ripped or just maintain health we can help you find a plan that you can stick with and do just about anywhere and still get the results you’re looking for.

New patient? Get our special offer with in-depth exam and free 20-minute massage  (512) 263-0040

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Not ready to commit to the full exam? Take advantage of our free consultation with 20-minute massage for new patients.

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