Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a relaxing and healing massage. Our Licensed Massage Therapist uses special massage techniques that help to reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue, and remove pain throughout your body. We use a range of massage techniques that improve circulation, detoxify your body, and relieve tension.

Some benefits of massage therapy have been shown to include:

  • Relaxation
  • Physical Healing
  • Improved Mobility
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Circulation
  • Stress Reduction

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By Jarrod Bagley, D.C.

What is Structural Therapy?

The Art of Structural Therapy is a “hands on” bodywork utilizing full hand contact while targeting specific points relating to the area(s) of musculoskeletal pain and/or difficulty/dysfunction/disability.

All use of the physical or mechanical body is accomplished through contraction of muscles and tendons. Through overuse and abuse and a lack of comprehensive compensating stretching exercises, those “soft tissues” become more and more contracted and inflexible. Further on, they become hardened, cold and void of natural resiliency. Muscular atrophy and calcification follow, thus the common form of arthrosis referred to as “osteoarthritis.” Structural Therapy acknowledges these natural functional processes, addressing specific problem areas directly through appropriate hand contact, pressure, and articulation.

Meet Our Therapist

Austin Hayward apprenticed with his father Don Hayward and worked under the supervision of Richard Zukowski from 2013-2015. His own experience with the healing and restorative results of structural therapy informed his desire to help others through this work. He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in New York City and has a keen interest in health and fitness.

Austin specializes in cervical (neck) soft tissue pain.  Clients are amazed at how one session can make a world of difference in their head range of motion without pain.  It is seldom just “the neck” soft tissue in question.  To understand where pain originates, one must understand soft tissue anatomy and the client’s daily routine.

You work hard to provide for yourself and those you care about.  Consider putting your money where you know it will benefit your ability to continue doing so with a therapist who has achieved years of results. Massage in the right hands can change how you function by lowering stress and blood pressure while increasing healthy circulation and relieving soft tissue pain.

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