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Why Suffer Needless Joint Pain….When We Can Help!

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Why Suffer Needless Joint Pain….When We Can Help!

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Category: Blog, Featured Article, Newletters

Most everytJoint painhing you do, all day, every day, requires healthy joint movement – from sleeping comfortably, to getting out of bed with ease, exercising, driving and working!  Musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain, a stiff neck, headaches, a frozen shoulder, hip pain or sciatica often start with “faulty joint motion” that leads to painful muscle and nerve irritation.
Our goal is to correct your joint dysfunction to help you get rid of your pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling…without drugs or surgery! Over time, your joints can lose normal motion as a result of seemingly insignificant injuries such as spinal misalignment, ligament sprain, miscall strain, tissue inflammation or uneven leg lengths.

Chiropractic care can restore proper joint motion by realigning your spine, eliminating painful nerve interference, stretching tight ligaments and breaking up scar tissue.  Even if your pain improves, untreated joint dysfunction means less blood flow and lubrication. These nutrient-rich fluids are needed for your joints and discs to glide smoothly and to heal after an injury-and can only reach those areas through proper motion.  Poor circulation and dehydrated discs leave you at risk for injury, weak joints, chronic pain and spinal degeneration.

No worries! Your complete Chiropractic program can help restore proper biomechanics so you can bend, twist and turn with a full range of motion.

“Healthy Joints and Discs” Help You Move Without Pain!

The first steps we take to help restore “pain-free” movement and achieve optimal health are to imorive the health of your joints and discs. It’s that important to your well-being…

To avoid faulty movement patterns, every joint must be both mobile and stable. We’ll help you maintain that healthy balance.
Let’s face it. Life is a lot more fun when your joints don’t hurt!

Don’t wait another minute….Call us today at 512.263.0040!

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